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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I book an appointment?
    Please take a look at the portfolio of our artists and select someone you feel is a good fit for your project. Once you have chosen an artist, you can reach out to them via email to get in touch.
  • What does a tattoo cost?
    The price for a tattoo varies per artist, so for more information about prices, it's best to contact the specific artist you're interested in. We can provide you with our session price, but it is always difficult to determine the exact cost of a tattoo, as it depends on several different factors. These factors include the complexity of the design, the type of skin, how well you can stay seated, the size of the tattoo and its placement etc. Once the design is ready, we can give you an estimate of the time it will take, but please note that this is not a guarantee. For example, a small tattoo can sometimes require more time and attention than a larger one. If you have a larger project, it is also possible to spread it out over multiple sessions. The decision on the timeline is entirely up to you.
  • On which days can I be tattooed?
    The regular days on which the sessions are scheduled are Tuesday to Friday.
  • How long does a session last?
    Usually a session lasts 4 to 6 hours and we start in the morning at 11:00 am. After the session is finished we take photos.
  • On which days can I be tattooed?
    The regular days on which the sessions are scheduled are Tuesday to Friday.
  • How long is the waiting time for a tattoo?
    We operate on a concept of opening our booking schedule every 3 months. The best way to stay updated on these openings is through our Instagram page. Once bookings are open, you can submit a request by email. The waiting time varies depending on the artist, so please contact your artist directly for the specific waiting time.
  • Can I bring someone with me during the appointments?
    In order to ensure the focused attention of your artist and to maintain an environment of minimal distraction in the studio, it is not permitted to bring anyone with you to your appointment. We implement a unique concept where we dedicate full-day sessions to one client only, enabling us to provide undivided attention to you. whether it be during the drawing appointment or the actual tattoo sessions. The Art Studio serves as a space for uninterrupted work, and individuals who are not receiving a tattoo will be kindly requested to exit the studio.
  • I have a general vision about my tattoo, but I am having trouble organizing my ideas, can you help me?
    Of course, we value having enough creative freedom to shape your idea, as it allows us to create a unique and artistic piece. We have extensive knowledge about how compositions works on the body, and we prioritize using elements to create a creative design. Not all of the elements we incorporate necessarily need to have a specific meaning. What matters most is ensuring that the overall composition is balanced and visually appealing. When we are required to adhere too strictly to specific ideas, it becomes challenging for us to produce an exclusively final tattoo. Therefore, we believe it is crucial to have this creative freedom. Of course, we make every effort to include your input as much as possible in the design process of the tattoo.
  • How should I prepare for the session?
    Make sure you are well fed, fit and rested before you start your session. We take short breaks to eat and drink. You may bring your own food and drinks if you have any special dietary requirements, but you will be provided well in the studio with toasts and Dutch 'worstenbroodjes'. You can use a smart TV with streaming services during the session. If you want to listen to your own music, we would like to ask you to use headphones. Do not use oil or body lotion prior to your tattoo appointment. We think it is only normal that you do not use alcohol or drugs, before and during your appointment. For aftercare we recommend Bepanthen Ointment, it is useful if you already have it at home prior to your session. For photos it is best if you do not wear brightly colored clothing. Black, gray or other neutral colors are fine. This is also useful during tattoo sessions, so that no ink or stencil gets on your clothing. Feel free to bring an (old) cardigan for the breaks, so that you don't get too cold. During the session you can take photos and videos of the experience. We would love it if you shared this on social media and tagged us.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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