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Portugal Lissabon 2024

Bookings available on
10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 April


For a clear understanding of your tattoo concept, please complete the form on this page. It helps me assess if the idea aligns with my style. Specify the tattoo location and include reference images for visualization.

I prioritize artistic freedom within agreed-upon boundaries. The tattoo, rooted in your idea, will carry my interpretation. I use photo references, avoiding other tattoos or artists' styles. If your idea suits my style, we can discuss available days and the required deposit.

First Session/Draft:

Designs are not pre-prepared. During the first appointment, we'll discuss, create, and finalize the design, brainstorming improvements if needed. This process, part of the session time, may take 1-2 hours. For extensive projects, the first session may focus solely on design. Payment is like tattoo fees.

Follow-up Sessions:

The number of sessions depends on variables like skin type and tattoo details. Larger projects can spread sessions to fit your budget.

Rate Calculation and Preparation:

The session price covers all preparatory work, forming the non-negotiable basis.

Deposit and Confirmation:

A €250 deposit confirms our agreement, settled at the last session, indicating acceptance of terms.

Session Details and Pricing:

I offer full-day sessions at € 600,-

(This is half my normal rate because I'm starting to build my clientele in Portugal since we want to come back to Portugal annually).

Session Times and Duration:

Sessions start at 09:00 am, lasting 5-6 hours, with breaks. I never work more than 6 hours for quality.


Eager to discuss your idea; feel free to contact for further questions.

Tattoo placement on the body
Reference pictures
Reference pictures
Reference pictures
Reference pictures

Thanks for submitting!

We get in touch as soon as possible

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