Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an appointment?
You can find all information about booking appointments on the website.

What does a tattoo cost?
The rate is stated per session in the invitation for the drawing appointment. After presenting the design, we estimate the number of sessions needed to realize your project. There are several variables such as skin type, size, details and other factors not mentioned here that will affect the duration of your project. Because every project and every person is unique, we can never guarantee the number of sessions in advance.

How long does a session last?
Usually a session lasts 4 to 6 hours and we start in the morning.

On which days can I be tattooed?
The regular days on which the sessions are scheduled are Tuesday to Friday.

How long is the waiting time for a tattoo?
That differs per artist. Now the waiting time for an appointment with Rachel can be more than 2 years. If you are not willing to wait sessions can be planned outside the waiting list. Days off are used to prepare your design and schedule the sessions for which we apply a higher rate.

The waiting time for Lois is shorter because she has started a new book.

Can I bring someone with me during the appointments?
We always work one on one in the studio. That means that you have a whole day planned on which no one else will be scheduled.
To ensure the attention of your artist and to have as little distraction as possible in the studio, it is not allowed to bring someone with you to your appointment. Not during the drawing appointment and not during your sessions. The Art Studio is a space in which we work without distraction. Persons who are not getting tattooed will be asked to leave the studio.

I have a general vision about my tattoo, but I am having trouble organizing my ideas, can you help me?
Of course, we appreciate it when we get enough creative freedom to shape your idea. As a result, we will both be satisfied with the final design and you are assured of a unique and exclusive tattoo.

How should I prepare for the session?
Make sure you are well fed, fit and rested before you start your session. We take short breaks to eat and drink. You may bring your own food and drinks if you have any special dietary requirements, but you will be provided well in the studio. You can use a smart TV with streaming services during the session. If you want to listen to your own music, we would like to ask you to use headphones. Before the session, we ask that you shave the area where you will be tattooed to keep the workplace clean and hygienic. Do it carefully so you don’t cut yourself. Do not use oil or body lotion prior to your tattoo appointment. We think it is only normal that you do not use alcohol or drugs, before and during your appointment. For aftercare we recommend Bepanthen Ointment, it is useful if you already have it at home prior to your session.