Rachel van Mechelen

First of all I would like to thank you for your interest in my work.

I would like to ask you to read the text below carefully before filling in the booking form. If you still have questions after reading the text, do not hesitate to include those questions in the booking form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

I specialize in Fine-Line Black and Gray as you can see in my portfolio. I am convinced that I cannot specialize in every style.

It has always been my interest to create tattoos with a high sense of depth. I go for perfection in elaborating my designs and find it almost addictive to blend all shadows as perfectly as possible. This will ensure that the quality of the tattoo is as high as possible. Because I receive many requests and can only take on a limited number of projects per year, I will only go for projects that appeal to me within my specialization.

To determine if I’m the right artist for you, we ask for information on the following topics in the booking form:
– Budget and size of your tattoo
– Idea, theme or topic
– Placement

Budget and size
Most of the requests I get are larger projects. That is why we ask you to give an indication of your budget. This allows us to estimate whether your budget is realistic in relation to your idea, placement and size. If you would like to start a smaller project, that is of course also possible.

The larger the project, the higher the costs will be. The number 1 question is always ‘how much does a tattoo cost’. You can imagine that this question is impossible to answer in advance. This depends on variables such as skin type, size, detail and other factors. Because it is a creative process, I can never guarantee the number of sessions that a project will take in advance. Every project and every person is unique.

People often do not know that, for example, the surface area of a full sleeve is just as large as a full back piece. An arm sleeve is made up of 4 large tattoos which are harmoniously connected to each other. A lot of planning and drawing work precedes this. A full sleeve therefore requires at least 4 times as much budget than a ‘loose piece’. A leg sleeve is 3x larger than an arm sleeve, and therefore requires 3x as much budget as an arm sleeve. Usually it is possible to divide a larger project into smaller projects, so that you can take this into account within your budget.

Sometimes it is not realistic to want a full sleeve all at once. A large project will always be made in many sessions. To keep the quality high, I work in sessions of a maximum of 6 hours a day. Once you are a customer, you do not have to go back on the waiting list and you can start any follow-up projects in the short term.

Idea, theme or subject
Your ideas are the starting point, but to guarantee the quality of my work it is important that I get enough creative freedom.

A lot of preparation is preceded by the projects, in order to create a beautiful whole. It is important that you have thought carefully about your ideas. I sometimes hear people say ‘it will be there for my entire life, so can you try something else?’ Because a tattoo is permanent, I think it is important that you think carefully about what you expect. If you find that difficult, it is also possible to give me complete creative freedom with, for example, only a theme as an idea. I know from experience that these are often the most beautiful pieces.

A clear plan makes the design process smooth and effective. The design process is the most creative part for me, but I think it’s a waste of my time if you change your mind about the content or subject of your project during that process. All your ideas are of course negotiable, and I will advise you with the end result in mind.

Placement of your tattoo
In addition to your ideas and budget, the placement you have in mind is very important. I will approach a design on a chest completely differently than a full sleeve or a backpiece.

When you have fully completed the booking form, the studio will contact you to book a drawing appointment. We will inform you about this in due course.

At the moment I have a waiting list of more than 2 years. My goal is ultimately to reduce the waiting time and get the most enjoyment out of my work. I want to achieve this by working with people who, just like me, are motivated and enthusiastic about my work. Since you have taken the trouble to read the entire text, I would like to refer you to the booking form below.

I look forward to meeting you in the studio.